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If you know me, you'll know that I'm basically a caveman, cavewoman? Cavewoman (just googled it, it's a thing), and my leisure time is spent either watching makeup gurus on YouTube or on Netflix. While my taste in movies is pretty eclectic, there are definitely some titles I can't get enough of. And when I say I can't get enough of them, it basically means I can watch it many, many, many times, sometimes a row! I'm not proud of it. But it makes me happy, so thought I'd share with you ten of my all-time favorites.

In no particular order: 

The Help: Taking such a delicate subject as racism and segregation and making it into a film that's funny and uplifting requires art. On top of that the 60s is one of my favorites times in fashion and beauty, so it's great for inspiration.

Amelie: An Indie cult-favorite for a reason. Audrey Tatou quirky-ness is a joy to watch, the settings are beautiful, makes me want to speak french, move to France and just be french.

Breakfast At Tiffany's: Audrey Hepburn portraying the infamous Holly Golighty whilst wearing Givenchy, it's basically perfection. I watch this movie when I'm feeling sad, when I'm feeling happy when it's my birthday... You get it, it's my favorite film of all time.

Something Borrowed: While it would be an absolute nightmare having my fiance dumping me for my bestie, I absolutely love this movie, this was the one I was referring to when I mentioned I sometimes watch them in a row.

Kill Bill Volumes 1 and 2: Somehow and very disturbingly is very entertaining to watch pre-cosmetic-surgery Uma Thurman go on a gory killing spree, getting out of a live burial, sharing the scene with a black mamba, a Pussy Wagon and all those Hattori Hanzo swords.

The Young Victoria: I feel so elegant whenever I watch this film. A strong female character is always great, and if that female is Emily Blunt then it's amazing.

Someone Like You: Because the Old-Cow New-Cow theory is totally a thing.

Black Hawk Down: This title may come as a surprise, but I actually enjoy war/army movies. Probably because when I watch them I'm in the company of my brother and that's always the best.

Secretariat: Watching this beautiful horse win the Triple Crown makes me so so happy. (I cry every time). It's a great, real story about perseverance, faith and courage. 

Pride and Prejudice: It's only natural that the movie based on your favorite book of all time makes it to this list right? Pride and Prejudice I love you, most ardently in all your versions.

It was hard to pick just ten out of all my favorites and I'm sure I'll later remember one that should have been on this list. Let me know some of your favorites in the comments and if you've got a film that you think I should watch, please let me know as well!


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