Oct 8, 2014

Nine Links

1. Can't wait to try this tutorial for beachy waves with my new curling iron. (www.youtube.com)
2. Two words: hashbrown waffles. (www.smittenkitchen.com)
3. It-girl approved Halloween costumes. (www.whowhatwear.com)
4. The most stunning ballet Instagram account. (www.instagram.com)
5. You need to start obsessing with me over Psychological Fashion. (www.psycho-fash.com) 
6. DIY marble photo background. #ShitBloggersDo (www.apairandasparediy.com)
7. Are you good in person, bad on text? (www.manrepeller.com)
8. How much caffeine is really on your coffee order? (www.refinery29.com)
9. Vintage beauty ingredients that will freak you out. (www.buzzfeed.com)

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