Jul 27, 2014

Summer Sounds

Every season has its perks, December holidays have delicious treats, fall has gorgeous colors and summer is all about adventure but my favorite about summer is the sounds. I love them because I know those sounds will become embedded into my memory and when I listen to them in the years to come I'll be immediately transported me to the time and place where that specific playlist was the soundtrack to my adventures. What are your summer sounds?

Cada temporada tiene sus cosas buenas, la navidad tiene platos deliciosos, otoño tiene unos colores maravillosos y el verano tiene aventura, pero lo que más me gusta del verano son las canciones. Me encantan porque yo sé que esas canciones se van a quedar en mi memoria y cuando las escuche, me van a transportar a la hora y al lugar en que eran la banda sonora de mis aventuras. ¿Cuáles son tus sonidos de verano?

Definitely not cheap.

Honey, take me dancing.

Bon summer.

Let's swing from it.

I think I saw you.

Just, let's.

We met in the summer.



You know it's like "mmm".

Always high.

Got a lot to not do.

Tell me when and where.

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