Jul 4, 2013

Nine Links

1. Olivia Palermo the Queen of street style is finally on Instagram. (www.instagram.com)

2. Forget the Insanity workout, shed those pounds by sleeping. (www.laurenconrad.com)

3. We've all had frenemies like this, here's your chance to laugh about them. (www.funnyordie.com)

4. Can't wait for this lovely jumpsuit. (www.facebook.com)

5. Remember these things whenever you're having a bad day. (www.buzzfeed.com)

6. No-baking and healthy pops. Heaven. (www.littleinspiration.com)

7. As if we need another excuse for drinking champagne. (www.forbes.com)

8. For Elie Saab is all about crimson red. (www.style.com)

9. Auge Boga a fashion magazine, made in Honduras. (www.augeboga.com)

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