How-To Girl

I started my blog because I thought it would be fun to document my adventures in the kitchen, my many arts and crafts and hopefully inspire people to learn to love the tiny specs of happiness that fall on every surface of life. 
In these past four months I've had some pleasant surprises first from M.A.D Magazine who did a piece of my blog on their PUBLICARTE section where they publish Honduran artists, it was truly an honor to be alongside great talents. And a couple of weeks ago I was offered by Auge Boga to have a monthly column as their How-To girl on their Blogs section. Imagine my thrill! I started brainstorming on ideas immediately.
They published it last week and I love it! To have my own space to share and inspire ideas to others on a Honduran Fashion Magazine is just wonderful. Can't wait to start working on this month's How-To With Mari! Thank you Auge Boga for this fantastic opportunity!


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