Frame Work

Have you ever felt your room is missing something? I have. My room was simply vanilla color encased in four walls. I decided one of them getting some work done. Frame work. Being the daughter of an avid thrifter I know that frames can be acquired for as little as 15 lempiras (0.75$) each, so this project was not only going to be simple and pretty it was also going to be cheap. Woo! I chose my favorite photographs (tried to keep the narcissistic beast in its cage, tried) which I had printed in a sepia tone trying to achieve a sense transparency through the frames; and got a bucket of chocolate colored paint to contrast my plain vanilla walls. 

When you thrift you can't be picky about the pieces you're getting and in this project that worked in my advantage. I chose frames in different sizes and with different widths then paired each photograph with a specific frame. 

I used a large paintbrush to coat the frames. Trying to spread the paint as evenly as possible I gave each frame three layers of chocolate. 

To make the photographs stand out I used textured silver paper. Which was measured and cut into place for each of the frames. 

Deciding the specific place for each of the frames on the wall was the fun part! I used a large parchment paper to play with size and widths until I was happy with the results, made a mark for each of the frames on it and then pasted with tape this "map" on the wall to drill the holes exactly where I wanted them. Now my room is minus a quarter of plainness, three more to go!


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