Shampoo Schedule

How often do you wash your hair? This really depends on you. Your lifestyle and the thickness, length and texture of your hair all determine on how long it takes for your hair to get dirty. Some professionals advise on daily washes while others swear that a week between shampoos is the best for keeping your mane healthy. Using shampoo on a daily basis strips natural oils from your scalp and this lack of oil encourages hair follicles to produce more oil which leaves hair greasy. If this is your situation you can change this pattern by trying to go stretch the days between shampoos.

Personally, I like to skip a few days in between each shampoo because my hair works in every possible way imaginable except in its natural state. If I where to wash it and style it (blow drying, ironing and curling) everyday would leave it dry, damaged beyond repair and with ends farther apart than the North and South Pole. But that's what works for my thick, dry and unruly hair. And everyone is different. What's your shampoo schedule? 


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