Cloudy Ombré

If my nails are not red then they're black or in a neutral tone. But as much as I love to wear a subtle palette this can become boring and predictable. The horror. I was inspired by the ombré trend for this fun twist on my classic manicure and I loved the results. Degrading the shades on each of my nails, going from darkest on my thumb to lightest on my pinky. Chic and Simple. 

I love to use OPI, its the only brand that makes my manicure last one week or more without the color chipping off. For my cloudy ombre I used Onyx Black on my thumb continuing with Metallic 4 Life, Suzi Takes The Wheel, My Pointe Exactly and finishing with Funny Bunny on my pinky. If you want your manicure to last longer perfectly don't forget to apply Top Coat. Choose your favorite color gradient and give it a try!


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