Whole Lemon Tart

Lemon Tart is everyone's favorite tart and everyone's mom makes it better than the rest. Actually, my mom makes the best lemon tart but whenever I attempt to recreate it the results are always a runny mess. I can never get it just right, mine never sets! That's why whenever I come across a new recipe I give it a try hoping that maybe my tart will be someone's favorite. 

And I think I might have.

Deb's recipe is simple and delicious and sets! Yay! The first time I tried the recipe I made the awful mistake of adding another lemon, never, ever, add another lemon to this recipe. My goodness, that tart was able to make a lemon do funny faces, the flavor was too intense and since the whole lemon goes into it, the flavor was beyond bitter. My poor family proved their love to me by finishing it in less than a day. (I may have, over the years, desensitized their taste buds. It would explain so much.)

I hate it when a recipe doesn't come out right. I'm not going to say it brings me to tears but I'm not going to deny either. So I tried it again, just one lemon this time, and I even went ahead and peeled off the pith to subtract some of the bitter flavor. I followed Deb's instructions step by step and the results where just wonderful. Now I just need someone to tell me this is their favorite lemon tart!


  1. Just stopped by to give my support for anything lemon. And, those photos are wonderful.


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