M is for Mango Margaritas

The women in my family are margarita lovers. We have it all year long and since we are in mango season galore I thought that for Mother's Day we could say cheers to it instead of the lemony original. It was a success! The texture of the mangoes makes it so much frothy and its flavor really blends well with the tequila and orange liqueur.

You'll need your favorite tequila (I'm always faithful to Jose even if he's a Cuervo) an orange liqueur (triple-sec, Cointreau or in this case Grand Marnier), lemons for zest and decoration, Tajín spices, lots of ice, water and mangoes (which I froze overnight and sprinkled with brown sugar). 

Throw everything in the blender and run until smooth and frothy. While this is happening prepare the rims of the glasses by running a wedge of lemon around it and upturning it into a plate of Tajín and zest.

Fill up your glass and enjoy!


  1. que tal mari!!! that margarita looks YUMMY!!! veo que vives en roatan! nunca e visitadooo, but i've heard amazing things from my parents!

    ya te sigo x bloglovin!! saludos paisana!!

  2. Muchas gracias Nina :) anímate a probarlas son delish! Un beso!


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