Dirty Texting

Is your phone near you right now? Are you touching it? Probably and most certainly yes. Did you know that your sleek gadget has more bacteria on it than a toilet seat, a kitchen counter and even your dog's food plate? No.

I know you're horrified. I mean, ew right? Think of all the places where your phone has been, all the hands that have held it and all the surfaces it has been in contact with. Now think about the fact that you put this dirty object to your face! All this bacteria that makes way to your face causes blemishes, blackheads and even full breakouts. It's like rubbing your face to the surface of a toilet seat! Oh, no wait. The toilet is cleaner. Ew, ew, ew!

The video above made me realize about this. From now on I'll incorporate cleaning my phone to my daily routine, at least once a day either with a Lysol wipe or with an alcohol-damped cotton ball. Please promise me you'll do the same, clean your phone and no more dirty texting!


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