Carnation Arrangement

Each week my father surprises me with fresh flowers in my room. They mostly are calla lilies, knowing they're my favorite but this week I walked in from work and found a vibrant arrangement of yellow and orange carnations in the living room, wanting them for myself I took the vase and held them hostage. When I got to my room I found an even bigger arrangement sitting in my desk, it made my heart melt like warm butter.

I wanted to do something other than just throwing them in a vase, I decided that a short arrangement would make them look wonderful! Here's how I did it.

I like to prepare the water for my flowers with three or four drops of bleach (it helps kill bacteria) and a tablespoon of sugar (it nourishes the plants), they will make them last longer and looking pretty for you.

First clean the stems of the carnations with the scissor, its always better to cut than to just pull out, its less damaging for the flowers. When you're happy with them cut the stems at an angle, helping them absorb more water.

Make sure to cut the stems just long enough so that they'll reach the water and at the same time create support for the position where you want them. First arrange a row of carnations along the rim of your vessel so that the flowers rest on it.

Continue arranging the carnations balancing their widths and lengths until you form a bud. The beautiful thing about carnations is that when together they blend into each other forming a big ruffled one. Also, they come in a variety of colors for you to play with at a relatively low price.


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