Sneaky Bobby

Are you sitting down? I really hope you are, because I have information. Life changing information! Prepare to have your mind blown. Did you know that the proper way to use a bobby pin is with the wavy side close to your scalp and not away from it??? * hyperventilates*

My whole life is a lie.

Am I the only one who's been doing something so common, so ordinary.. so incredibly wrong her entire life!? If you knew and see me do it wrong why didn't you say something? Why don't the manufacturers put this simple instruction on the box!?

My dear cousin Fabi shared the shocking news yesterday and I was stunned. I couldn't believe it. But yes, bobby pins are supposed to be worn with the wavy side down because the zig-zag part "snags" hair beneath the section and the smooth, straight part of the pin simply  holds the hair in place. I tried it and I can definitely feel the difference, its true! So next time you do your hair and need to use a Bobby, remember, wavy side down, straight side up!


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