Small Pleasures

Our dear Empire of the Sun friends decided after what felt like a century to give us some new music for us to rejoice and start the week dancing to a new beat! I'm currently listening to it on repeat.. instantly addictive! I'll leave you with my small specs of happiness from last week while you listen to it.

Don't you love it when your food is vibrant and pretty? Here are two macarons from Mango Tango. Yum.

An old facade from Ojojona, a lovely village at the outskirts of Tegucigalpa. To me, its perfection. 

I adore finding my favorite color, naturally.

This gorgeous Paperblank I got from Casa Sol. Makes me wish my handwriting was more 1800s-ish.

Fewer things I love more than finding surprises inside my rusty mailbox.

Beautiful Audrey reminding me every day, is a day less to see him again.

Three little bugs, one for every lady of the house.


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