Small Pleasures

Sunday is here, one of my favorite days of the week (even though its next door neighbor is obnoxious Mr. Monday). My Sundays start with me faking to be asleep until Mom "wakes me up" with waffles and warm cinnamon-infused milk. Waffles are my favorite breakfast in the world, I anxiously wait for them the whole week! Mom makes them specially for me since I'm the only one at home who prefers them against those yucky things people insist on eating called, pancakes. (Team Waffles for life!) After breakfast my uncles and cousins usually come over for lunch and much needed gossip over coffee and sweets... life is great on Sundays.

Here are other things that made my week much brighter.

The cutest little cake erasers one of my students had in her pencil case. I had to really try not to steal them!

I had a broccoli craving this week, here is the mean green with just butter, lemon juice and zest, salt and pepper. Delicious.

My bed, garnished with the lovely pillow my boy gave me for my birthday. My nights are much sweeter since I have it.

This teeny tiny little flower my Abu planted in an old cup. A flower cup.


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