Nine Links

During my endless hours online, I often come across links that stand out more than the rest.. and here are nine of them, hope they also stand out to you!
  1. All the right musica at all the right times. (
  2. Can't wait to try these nacho cheese Doritos that are actually good for you. ( 
  3. My favorite bookstore in the world has this baby waiting for me on its shelves! (
  4. Nothing like a well-dressed man. (
  5. College life has never been captured this accurately. (
  6. Porches with walls, keep the sun in and the bugs out. I want this sunroom. (
  7. Whenever I miss my long locks, I just need them to make it all better. (
  8. Can't afford The Row yet, but this baby is a completely different story. (
  9. Monet may be long gone but his water lilies are still here. (


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