We all love those giant birds of steel that take us away to our vacation destination, we hate airports and their endless queues and security checks. Thats why when you travel you have to think smart about what you'er going to wear. Your outfit needs to be comfortable, simple and chic. When choosing what you're wearing to your next trip think about these:

Simple is your best friend: My go-to color for everything is black and throwing in some color with a scarf, or a jacket will make you look effortlessly elegant and we all know how chilly it can get during a flight or at the airport. Think of layers and wearing things that are not too tight, I prefer to travel using skirts or dresses but a pair of black leggings work just as fine.

Strapless: try not to wear buckles, straps nor belts. This will cut in half the time you spend in security checks. If you're like me (never in time) those extra minutes are gold!

Smart Jewerly: I know that asking you to not wear any jewelry is a long shot. But be smart about what you wear, try wearing a statement necklace instead of a bunch of single ones, or a chuncky bangle instead of stuffing your wrist with a million thin ones. This will make it harder for you to lose one and again, reduce the time you spend in the security check.

I didn't follow my advice on not wearing belts but I needed a hint of red to complete my look. Also, I recommend wearing socks, I never do but walking bare foot during security checks.. eek.


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