Apple Pie Cookies

We've had some great couples throughout history. Romeo and Juliet, Barbie and Ken, Batman and Robin.. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.. oh no wait.. but you get my point. Of all these awesome couples my ultimate favorite is Apple and Cinnamon, even when pronounced they sound delicious
I had a couple of apples that were soon to get past their ripped stage and I couldn't let that happen. My mouth and tummy were craving that hot, gooey, warm cinnamon-infused apple pie taste but I only had four apples to work with, so I went online and consulted with the one blog I knew would have that recipe I was looking for. And of course, she didn't dissapoint! I found this mouthwatering recipe and started prepping.

If you like three-step recipes stop reading this post now, because I have to warn you, these babies are hard work: you have to make the dough, chill it; peal, slice and cut the apples; roll the dough into a super thin layer, cut then cut out the circles, chill them again and assemble the cookies with all the yumminess inside. The first three to assembly are slow but the rest go by swiftly. (I had a great playlist on, I'm still to find a task that's not made easier with music.)

I followed Deb's step by step, and made the recipe just like her's so I'm not going to rewrite it for you guys (I swear I'm not being lazy) she does great at explaining it, so visit her site and start making your own delicious Apple Pie Cookies, which, by the way, are great for not sharing your portion of deliciousness with someone else.


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