If You're Getting A Tan, Get A Roa One

Let me introduce you to the Caribbean's best kept secret, the slim piece of heaven called Roatán. 
I know you're drooling.
Roatán is the largest of three isles located 30 miles off the coast of Honduras and with just 45 kilometers long, it holds 90 percent of the Caribbean's known submarine species. So if diving is your thing you can thank me later but if getting into black neoprene bodysuits is not, there are a million other things to do, like hitting the spa or stuffing your face at world class sushi bars or if you're as lazy as I am just throwing yourself under the sun hoping to get the Roa tan.

Just before hitting the beach.
That smile was caused by the fear of falling into the water.

If I finally get some color in my skin, I'm posting that picture twice.
Now excuse me, I still got two more days of this baby right here! I'm off to the beach!


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