Get Beachy

The Hatter Company hat, Ray-Ban shades, vintage necklace, Anne Cole Collection one-piece bathing suit I got for 40 lempiras (2.04 $) at a thrift store, Forever21 shorts, Tory Burch wedges, OPI's Red My Fortune Cookie on nails.
 When choosing garments to wear at the beach you need to keep it simple, sand and salty water are tough to handle on their own you don't want to make it worse by wearing an uncomfortable outfit. Think about mine here, the "top" is actually a one-piece bathing suit! Paired with a lacy, high-waisted short which is perfect if I want to get in the water, to give it a hint of color I wore the gold and aquamarine necklace, lastly the hat: I love to wear hats at the beach! They keep your hair out of your face, make you look glamorous and most important protect you from the sun!

Never forget to protect your skin with a filter, Im a fan of Clinique and these babies right here are awesome!
My friend Jean Paul Salinas Instagramed this pic, I had to steal it from him!

I changed into flats for the actual beach, wedges are awesome but they weren't engineered for sand.

The low back on the bathing suit promised me a great tan for my back, hope it delivers!


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